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Starting a new journey

The topic of product management and market intelligence has always caught my attention, perhaps because I have noticed throughout my professional history in software development and business process mapping, the clear need for the customer to be the center of attention and efforts.

Unfortunately, what we observe, most of the time, is that companies always adopt an inside-out perspective (from the inside out) instead of the outside-in perspective (from the outside in) both in mapping their processes and in the development of your products/services, is the famous "I know, or I think I know, what my client wants/needs".

Another point that really catches my attention is the failure (or lack) in sharing important information between areas (the so-called organizational silos), what we notice is that information (about the business, market, customers, competitors, products/services) that should be transversal in the organization end up not being shared or even updated, causing great waste and inefficiency in the companies' synergy.

In my current perception, the Products area should be the protagonist of this movement of bringing the customer closer to the organization and bringing a transversal alignment between the areas of marketing, sales, service, customer success and the development team, always equalizing the perspectives of the business and of the customer with the company's strategy.

Reviewing some materials produced in the past, I came across this video where I share a little of my vision on how organizations can migrate from a reactive and defensive reality to a flexible, collaborative and active context. I try to demonstrate in the video a little about the current scenario observed in companies, main problems and some insights on the subject.

Although it was produced in 2021, I continue to share this same vision (although my perception has matured) and I believe it is a good starting point for this project.

Yes... I decided to embark on the journey to solve this problem (this will be the project).

Yes, I have never worked as a product manager, nor have I ever worked in the product area, nor do I have any training in the area, but where we might initially imagine a weakness, I see strength and opportunities in the sense that I am not tied down or worried about getting it right, but rather about experimenting. , in innovating and trying to think differently, thinking outside the box in an unbiased way.

I believe I have a good repertoire to start this journey, and I will certainly need to seek more knowledge, experiment and exchange more ideas, I will make mistakes and most likely the content produced will be 90% disposable (garbage), but the 10% remains :-)

The entire process will be shared: study, ideas, drafts, inspirations... I hope we can exchange ideas and, in a way, we can grow together along this path.

Don't forget to comment and share your vision so we can exchange some ideas on the subject ;-)

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